About us

VSE International is excited to be launching our new website. With a history spanning more than 50 years we are back continuing the tradition of manufacturing and distributing superior quality products to Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Airlines, Bars, Contract Caterers, Schools, Franchises and Internationally. Distributing daily deliveries throughout NSW, Hunter Valley region, Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney Metropolitan and Canberra.

In December 2010, VSE International was sold to a private American multinational. The old VSE crew was convinced over the ensuing three years that there were new market opportunities left begging to be filled. They convinced the foreign owner to sell the business back to its more natural owners. In December, 2013, Mary Varnier (Sales and Marketing Manager of the original VSE International) along with Robert McLachlan (Operations Manager of the original VSE International), Gerhard Langreiter (previous owner) and Annette Schieler (of the original founding family) successfully acquired the business. Collectively, with over 50 years experience as integral members of the VSE International Management team, and a great passion for all things sweet and savoury, we are excited to bring the new and improved Version Two of VSE International to the market.

Innovation is back. Our systems have also been honed to exceed your service expectations, and our range of products has been expanded to better cater to your changing needs in a very competitve marketplace. 

VSE International also maintains our HACCP accreditations and employs a team solely dedicated to food safety, work occupational health and safety and technical/R&D support. 

We trust you will enjoy perusing our website as much as we did creating it, featuring over 1000 products in a variety of sizes to suit all occasions and budgets. VSE International is your one-stop shop supplier for all your Bakery and Patisserie needs. 

We value your feedback and continue to pursue and progress in designing patisserie items which will guarantee customer satisfaction and will keep them coming back for more.

We welcome you back into the VSE International family.