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Approximate Serving Sizes: 8in serves 10-12; 10in serves 12-14; 12in serves 30; 14in serves 40; 16in serves 50; Full Slab serves 100.

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10" Summer Sunrise
A moist banana cake infused with coconut and filled with chunks of pineapple. Covered in cream chees..
10" Sticky Date Pudding
A traditional heavy cake, full of dates. Comes with a litre of butterscotch sauce.  (May conta..
10" White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
A rich white chocolate mousse with raspberries between two layers of sponge decorated with white cho..
10" Sponge Vanilla Jam and Cream
Plain vanilla sponge filled with a layer of jam and a layer of cream, decorated with a light finish ..
10" Strawberries and Cream
Three layers of vanilla sponge sandwiched with jam, custard, fresh cream and fresh strawberries. Top..
10" White Chocolate Mud Cake
A dangerously delicious rich white chocolate mud cake. Decorated with thick white chocolate icing an..
Caramel Mud Celebration Cake
Chocolate Mud Celebration Cake
Chocolate Strawberry Temptation Celebration Cake
Plain Sponge Jam and Cream Celebration Cake
Strawberries and Cream Celebration Cake
White Chocolate Mud Celebration Cake