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Gateaux Petites

Gateaux Petites are bite-size delights which could be described as the modern-day petite four. They bring colour and variety in flavour and shape to suit any platter or buffet. 





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Gateaux Petite Angel Cake
A white mud cake filled with raspberry filling, covered in white chocolate ganache and topped with w..
Gateaux Petite Apple Strudel
Puff pastry with apple filling and dusted with icing sugar. Nutrition Informatio..
Gateaux Petite Carrot Cake
Baked carrot cake made of fresh grated carrots, pineapples and sultanas, topped with cream cheese ic..
Gateaux Petite Choc Almond
Almond dark mud cake covered in chocolate ganache and decorated with chocolate shavings and fine coc..
Gateaux Petite Choc Flourless
Petite sized round chocolate flourless cake decorated with chocolate ganache and dusting sugar. ..
Gateaux Petite Choc Pyramid
A triangle shaped-cake made from layers of chocolate sponge and buttercream, covered in ganache and ..
Gateaux Petite Double Chocolate Mousse
A tear-shaped dessert with layers of white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse. ..
Gateaux Petite Hazelnut Nougat
This slice is made from layers of panama sponge. nougat mousse, decorated with chocolate drizzle and..
Gateaux Petite Red Velvet
A red velvet cake base filled with cheese icing and decorated with vanilla cream. ..
Gateaux Petite Sacher Square
A square-shaped cake consisting of chocolate sponge layers, ganache and chocolate buttercream. ..
Gateaux Petite Strawberry Profiterole
A profiterole filled with custard, vanilla cream and fresh strawberry, covered with chocolate. ..
Gateaux Petite Three Layer Chocolate Mousse
A heart-shaped cold dessert with three layers of chocolate mousse. ..