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Our large selection of Buffet Function Slices, Individual Slices and Finger Slices guarantees a colourful variety to decorate any cake cabinet and satisfy any sweet tooth. 





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Finger Slice Fruit, Nut and Sesame
Packed full of sesame seeds, crunchy nuts, and nutritious fruits.   Nutr..
Finger Slice Lemon
A flavourful thick layer of lemon frosting on top of a chewy biscuit. Nutrition ..
Finger Slice Peppermint Cream
Chocolate biscuit filled with creamy peppermint and smothered with a chocolate top. ..
Finger Slice Rocky Road
A slice covered with pink and white marshmallows, milk chocolate, red cherries and roasted almonds. ..
Finger Slice Salted Caramel
Hand-made salted caramel layered onto a chocolate fudge base and topped with Cadbury chocolate. ..
Loaded Brownie Chocolate and Walnut
A nutty walnut chocolate cake, loaded with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with crushed walnuts. ..
Loaded Brownie Chocolate Mud
A gooey chocolate cake base, loaded with dark chocolate ganache.  Nutrition..
Loaded Brownie Salted Caramel Chocolate
A Rich and moist chocolate cake, loaded with salted caramel ganache  Nutrit..
Premium Layered Green Tea Mousse Cake Slice
Cake slice with layers of green tea sponge, white chocolate mousse, green tea mousse and topped with..
Premium Layered Salted Caramel Mousse Slice
Premium Layered White Chocolate Raspberry Slice
A delicious cake slice with layers of almond sponge, white chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis top..
Slice Apple Crumble
Cake slice composed of a shortbread base and apple filling, topped with crumble topping and dusting ..
Slice Baked Cheesecake Blueberry
Cheesecake slice consisting of shortbread buscuit base layered with a soft sponge, then topped with ..
Slice Baked Cheesecake Plain
Baked sliced cheesecake composed of shortbread and sponge base, a layer of raspberry and apple jam, ..
Slice Baked Cheesecake with Fruit
 Cheesecake slice consisting of shortbread base, sponge sheets, cheesecake and baker’s jam fill..