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Our large selection of Buffet Function Slices, Individual Slices and Finger Slices guarantees a colourful variety to decorate any cake cabinet and satisfy any sweet tooth. 





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Slice Banana Cake Iced
Moistly Baked banana cake decorated with cream cheese icing and topped with sliced almonds. Perfe..
Slice Black Forest
Chocolate sponge layered with whipped cream and sour cherry filling. Decorated with glazed cherry an..
Slice Bon Vivant
A cake slice consisting of chocolate and hazelnut layers, dusted with icing sugar. Perfect for Ca..
Slice Caramel
A slice made of layers of coconut biscuit base, caramel filling and finished off with a chocolate to..
Slice Carrot Cake
Baked carrot cake made of fresh grated carrots, pineapples and sultanas; decorated with cream cheese..
Slice Chocolate Brownie
Flat and  dense baked chocolate cake enriched with walnuts and topped with dusting sugar. Pe..
Slice Chocolate Cherry Slice
Individual slice consisting of a coconut and glace cherry layer and a dark chocolate topping. *May c..
Slice Coconut Raspberry
An individual slice consisting of layers of shortbread, coconut, apple and raspberry filling. Per..
Slice Hedgehog
A flat, fludgy chocolate slice made of biscuit crumbs, coconut and smothered with chocolate topping...
Slice Jaffa
Chocolate confectionery enriched with orange fruit paste and decorated with a white chocolate drizzl..
Slice Macadamia Caramel
Baked slice composed of shortbread base, rich caramel filling and decorated with macadamia nuts. ..
Slice Mud Cake
A rich mud cake slice topped with chocolate ganache. Perfect for Cafes, restaurants and catering ..
Slice Orange and Poppyseed
Cake slice made from a combination of orange and poppyseed sponge, topped with smooth cream cheese i..
Slice Passionfruit Cream Cheese
Traditional creamy cheesecake baked on sponge cake and topped with passionfruit compote. Perfect ..
Slice Sacher
A cake slice consisting of layers of sacher sponge, boiled apricot jam, rum liqueur, and chocolate b..